Mide lo que se pueda medir, y lo que no, hazlo medible.          Galileo Galilei


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Similarly raising them in captivity would be very expensive

When he heard the quick change from laughs to tears, Liam came back to me. He plopped down on the floor, wearing a fresh face of concern. The cry also called in our mother, a kind faced woman who often smelled like freshly baked cookies, who picked me up, cooing as I tried to grab [...]

I watched it with some of the greatest quarterbacks I ever

I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed in less than a month and the longest I had to wait was 2 weeks to see a neurologist and get an MRI booked. I ended up getting two from two different doctors for brain and spine all within a month. For Republicans, the situation is trickier. The [...]

I sometimes like it, though, when I jerk off alone, playing

Weird as in like what does this have to do with anything? I kept wondering what exactly is the point of this? The most interesting thing to me was the Linda Lovalace section and the animal section. Some of the exhibits didn't even work! Glad we got a discount but definitely wasn't enough of a [...]

The first boy climbed up on the ledge and without a second

I'll stick around for few more minutesTrucking companies are notorious for bad behavior concerning rules and pay for drivers, but the good drivers can tell you that they do nothing but hold up traffic at 55. I've had a Class A license for many years and it really doesn't mean much to safety concerning 55 [...]

Instead of consulting actual business negotiators or senior

Like me, I would imagine that Fox News viewers are shocked that mainstream Democrats support a socialist politician? This is a gift to the GOP as working class Americans are rightfully fearful of socialism. As for the individual, she may come across as intelligent to you, I assume that English is not your first language [...]

Long before I went into food

Compound Circles these include Extensions, Isolations, cat eyes, pro spin flowers, and anti spin flowers. Try spinning from your shoulder with your elbow locked just sweeping the poi in a huge circle with the center of rotation at your actual should joint that an "extension". You sliding the center of rotation up your arm. canada [...]

“All delicious! I took away the flapjack which was so tasty too

For example, if you are stuck on the phone trying to resolve a hassle with your insurance company, you might think about what the other person's day is like to have to answer phones all day long and deal with disgruntled customers. This might then present an opportunity for offering a kinder tone or an [...]

Sam Nunn loves the big cold war style military and National

The Competition Bureau is one of many resources that offer useful information on how to recognize, report and prevent fraud. It is important that everyone is aware of the preventative steps they can take as well as how to report fraud when it does happen. Take the time to familiarize yourself and help others become [...]

Some of them (the Jaz comes to mind) don work nearly as well

"But she's our witch. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. male sex toys I laughed and told her [...]

Barack Obama was traveling to Idaho

As the American people and Congress review the deal, it will be important to consider the alternative. Consider what happens in a world without this deal. Without this deal, there is no scenario where the world joins us in sanctioning Iran until it completely dismantles its nuclear program. Canada Goose Parka About a year ago, [...]